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Maintaining results after liposuction

Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise will help maintain your results after liposuction.

Breast Reconstruction Methods Not Considered Equal

At 1 year, patients who had autologous reconstruction (flap) reported greater satisfaction with their breasts compared with those who received implants, as well as greater sexual and psychological well-being.

Upcoming breast reconstruction talk

Dr. Kind and Dr. Chang will be speaking about breast reconstruction at the Oakland Impact Hub on Wednesday, March 15, at 6:30.  For more information, visit

New Fax Number

Our fax number has changed.  The new number is 415-872-6723.

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Join us for BRA Day 2016

October 19, 2016.  We are hosting a Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day event in honor of all the strong and passionate women that have endured being diagnosed with breast cancer. All women deserve to know all of their breast reconstruction options to help them close the loop on breast cancer.

CPMC Davies Campus

South Tower Gazebo


Study supports immediate breast reconstruction.

This recent study from Toronto General Hospital shows that delaying breast reconstruction my raise patients’ anxiety levels.

Bay Area Young Survivors Book Launch, September 14

BAYS is a support and action group for young women in the San Francisco Bay Area who are living with breast cancer and were diagnosed before the age of 45. Our goal is to break the isolation of living with breast cancer by providing a community built on compassion, understanding, hope, and inspiration.

For more information, click here.

Plastic surgery after removing a tumor in the breast

Some women may be candidates for oncoplastic surgery to reconstruct the breast at the time of lumpectomy.

Both doctors have extensive experience with these techniques.

Quality of life is higher in patients who undergo DIEP flap breast reconstruction.

Plastic surgeons in France conducted a long-term follow-up of quality of life following DIEP flap breast reconstruction.  They found that the quality of life in patients who underwent DIEP flap reconstruction was comparable to the general population of women who did not undergo mastectomy.  They also found that the quality of life of the DIEP flap patients was higher than patients who underwent mastectomy without reconstruction, and mastectomy with another type of reconstruction.  The article was published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.   See the article here.

Breast reduction facts.

If you have large breasts and have thought about a breast reduction, check out this article from  Dr. Gabriel Kind and Dr. David S. Chang are board certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in breast reduction surgery.  To schedule a consultation, please contact our office at 415-565-6884.