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* DISCLAIMER: Testimonials are NOT a guarantee that your results will be the same or similar.  Each patient’s results will be different.  Your results will vary from other patient’s results.

Dr. Kind did all of my reconstructive surgery following my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis in 2006 and I can’t speak highly enough of his expertise and integrity. He is very approachable, yet always professional. I feature him on my website, and refer friends and family to him. He is a joy to work with!Jamie Inman, Owner at Jamie Inman Enterprises

Dr. Kind and his staff only had my best interests at heart. After the emotional whirlwind of having a bilateral mastectomy and the removal of breast implants due to breast implant complications, I didn’t know what to expect,….Dr. Kind relieved my fears and gave me hope …Dr. Kind was absolutely excellent.S. Miller

Dr. Kind could not have a more appropriate name. … Dr. Kind is personable, sensitive, generous, and even funny. After I was diagnosed with cancer in only one breast, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy due to my family history…..I  feel I was in the best hands in the world. Cosmetically, I benefited from his artistically-picky-perfectionism. Dr. Kind will forever have a place in my heart.Patricia

Dear Dr.Chang, Thank you for the care that you and your team provided and for so expertly and carefully putting my cheekbone back in place. I can smile and laugh and be myself in the world, looking the way that I did before. I feel symmetrical, whole, and healed.Beverly

I had been searching for a few months, after a lot of research I found Dr. Chang. I was impressed with his qualifications…. Dr. Chang sculpts each patient’s physique based on their needs. He is a true professional. From the moment I walked into the office, he was concerned about my goals and guided me through the process of breast augmentation. …! I highly recommend Dr. David Chang. His qualifications and work speak for themselves.

After being diagnosed as BRCA2 positive and deciding to take the most aggressive treatment (double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery), I was referred to Dr. David Chang. From the first meeting through the last procedure Dr. Chang was compassionate, well informed and always respectful. Every step of the way he told me what my options were and gave me his opinion as to which option he thought was best for me without trying to sell me something I didn’t need. Dr. Chang’s knowledge is extensive and his handiwork is impressive. With a surgery this big there was going to be scarring, but once Dr. Chang added the nipples and areolas I felt like a complete person again. However, what stands out to me as going well beyond the call of duty is the fact that Dr. Chang visited me in the hospital every morning following surgery, driving from San Francisco to Oakland and back before going to work. Having Dr. Chang check in on me gave me comfort during a difficult time.Lisa

In April of 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like everyone else who receives this diagnosis, I was terrified. I wasn’t sure if I would ever want to have the surgery? Then my doctor in Redding sent me to Dr. Chang. Thanks to Dr. Chang, when I look in the mirror I like what I see. I also truly appreciate that Dr. Chang was so honest with me each step of the journey. I also found him to be very compassionate and caring, often calling me at home on the weekend to see if I was feeling okay. I love that he was always available to me since I didn’t know what to expect and sometimes had questions. Thanks to Dr. Chang I can honestly say ………. I love my boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* DISCLAIMER: Testimonials are NOT a guarantee that your results will be the same or similar.  Each patient’s results will be different.  Your results will vary from other patient’s results.